Meet our team...

Here is a bit about the C2C Team, their background and passion behind creating C2C Reset.

Brian Wellbrock

Founder, Executive Director, Author and C2C Reset Facilitator

Brian Wellbrock is a 30 year master level personal trainer and health/life coach who has dedicated his career to helping people restore or RESET their health from the effects of life, trauma and PTSD. Brian has a BS degree from Northwest Missouri State University in corporate fitness/recreation and is nationally certified as a professional personal trainer through the National Strength and Conditioning Association. Brian is also certified in TRX Sports Medicine, is CPR, First Aid and AED certified, Veteran behavioral health certified, and is the author of the life changing program, "The Courage to Change 12 Week Challenge", the curriculum used in this C2C Reset course.

Brian at 22

Mr. Northwest

Brian's greatest motivator for what he does might surprise you. Though Brian was an athlete growing up and played football and competitive body building through college, his motivation does not come from his love of sports, fitness and health. It actually comes from trauma, loss and death. By the time Brian was out of college he had been to over 20 funerals, ranging from multiple suicides from friends and family, murder, drug addiction and about every sickness you can think of. He grew up in an alcoholic home and in his community saw the repercussions of oppression, depression, unhealthy living and coping mechanisms and addiction. It is in his struggles with death that he found his calling in life, to do what he can to heal himself and help restore or reset others who are struggling so their families don't have to go through the same losses he did.  Though he learned a lot about himself in bodybuilding, he shares his testimony of how bodybuilding was the result of muscle dysmorphia, his attempt in trying to create physical size and strength to compensate for inner weakness and unresolved pain.

Brian and his wife Silesia on Daystar television

Loving people wherever they can!

On March 25th, 2005 Brian married the love of his life Silesia Wellbrock and became the adoptive father to her 2 children Shelby and Matthew Wellbrock. Silesia's story of overcoming and adversity of an abusive past is also a true testament of hard work and God's love and restoration. After becoming a family the Wellbrock's have overcome multiple traumas from chronic illness to multiple life threatening accidents. Brian and the kids almost lost Silesia to a horse riding accident when her horse got agitated and launched Silesia into the air, causing her to land on her head and shoulders, almost breaking her neck. This resulted in a 3 year recovery from a TBI (traumatic brain injury) and midline shift. But the Wellbrock's have pushed on and have learned how to beat the odds and teach others what they have learned.  Here they are on Daystar television promoting their Courage to Change course.

Brian at 50 at Zion

Having fun!

Through Brian's love for God, his family and community, thousands of people have benefited from his love based approach to health and healing. As a faith, health and life coaching strategist he teaches self or personal leadership/mastery skills as the foundation to all other levels of leadership, including marriage, relationships, business and ministry. After working with many veterans throughout his career and seeing the many struggles and trauma they go through, in 2013 Brian created Faith in Action inc. (FIA), a 501c3 faith based non-profit charitable organization dedicated to helping veterans, first responders and their families. C2C Reset is the course under the FIA umbrella.

"We are seeing huge breakthroughs and are excited about the future. Our veterans, first responders and their families and the general public deserve our very best, MY VERY BEST! I am truly honored to be part of our community's health journey!"
              ---Brian Wellbrock

Shelby McEndarfer

Grant Administrator / MBSR Level 2 Practicioner

Shelby McEndarfer, daughter of Brian and Silesia Wellbrock, also has a passion for health and the well being of others. Through seeing the work of her parents, she decided to pursue her bachelors in psychology. She graduated from the University of Colorado, Colorado Springs in 2015.

Shelby married the love of her life Ethan McEndarfer on January 1st 2022 and has a beautiful little boy named Liam.  She loves Jesus above all,  being a wife and mom, anything to do with homesteading, the outdoors, camping, kayaking, hiking, hunting and having fun as a bridal runway model.

Shelby's passion is to gain a better understanding of people by observing the cultural, social, biological and spiritual impact on their lives. Shelby recognizes the importance and value of healing in all those areas and is also a proponent to personal responsibility and self leadership. She, too, went through the Courage to Change 12 week course and benefited from the level of insight and healing the program offered.

Shelby worked as a caregiver for the elderly, many of which were Vietnam veterans.  This greatly influenced her perspective on that community and she was greatly impacted by the sacrifices the veterans and their families made. She witnessed first hand the dire need of support and connection that the veterans were not receiving and now advocates for the imperative need of help within the veteran and first responder community.

Shelby is also certified in essential oils and aroma therapy and became certified as a Level 2 Mind Body Spirit Release (MBSR) Holistic Health Practitioner. 

We are excited to have her drive, passion, education and experience working alongside us.

"We operate from the conscious mind less than 5% of the day". Bruce Lipton PhD. "So much is stored in our subconscious, therefore, our cells are storing negative emotions and experiences without our permission. With that, we need a way to give our bodies permission to release those negative experiences through Mind Body Spirit Release. MBSR is a technique designed to identify and eliminate an issue that our physical body is holding on to. The body needs extra encouragement to release negative experiences that have imprinted themselves into our body. MBSR is able to further the healing process.

Since the body and subconscious store negative emotions and experiences, I am able to use the muscle memory and cell memory to identify what the problem is and where it is being held in the body. This is done through a technique called The Ideomotor Response, also known as muscle testing. I then am able to release the emotional block by using a cold laser on acupuncture points, meridians and reflex points. This gives the body permission to release an emotion attached to a specific memory or experience that the body has not been able to let go of. It is my desire through my faith in Christ, training and my experience with my degree in psychology to help perpetuate the healing our body's need to thrive. "
                        ---Shelby McEndarfer