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From veterans, active military, first responders and their family members.

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Many of our active military and veterans choose not to disclose their identities for many reasons.  For example:  Many have high level security and top secret clearance. 
Whatever your reason for privacy, your confidentiality is our priority and there will never be a paper trail of the help you receive since we are an independent 501C3 charity organization.

Glen's Success Story

"The course was extremely helpful for me. I was in a bit of a rough place following a divorce, and Brian did a great job of helping me get my life back under control. The scope of everything was a little daunting at first, but he broke it all down into manageable bites, and I can say I’m definitely doing better than I was at the beginning. I had a lot of small breakthroughs that added up to big results, from watching my energy level increase to having to get a new belt, since I got too skinny for the old one. I’ve developed sustainable healthy eating habits, lost a bunch of body fat, and feel better physically than I have in a long time. Understanding nutritional timing and metabolism has been huge for me. Spiritually and emotionally I’m doing really well also, I just feel better about myself and the direction I’m going. I've become a calmer, happier person, and it's been noticed by both my coworkers and my family, it's become a lot easier to be patient with my young kids, which I was struggling with for a while. I've still got work to do, but with what Brian helped me learn, I've got my warrior back, so I know I'll get where I want to go."


Veteran and Lenexa Kansas firefighter and paramedic

Bill's Success Story

"The C2C Reset course opened some officers hearts and mind about who they are and what they like or dislike about themselves. It helped to change their mindset about the way they sometimes see life issues and how much better it can be to open up to others. Helped them come to the realization that it is healthy to reach out for help even though we are the ones that usually help others. It helped bring God deeper into our lives and motivated some officers to nourish their bodies with healthier foods. I started attending church when I can. I had been working toward losing some weight and getting in shape and C2C helped motivate me to continue that path and enlightened me on eating even healthier than I was."

Police Chief Bill Berry

Belle Plaine, KS

Ethan's Success Story

"One of the biggest take-aways I have received as a result of the Courage to Change curriculum has been in the area of my thoughts. Going through the program I received understanding and strategies to overcome negative thoughts and how they are so detrimental in my life. As a result of the work my relationships with God, myself and others have improved and my confidence as a man of God and a warrior has increased as I’ve practiced replacing the lies I've believed and walked in with the Truth of who God says about me. I also have more understanding of nutrition and physical fitness with motivation to be healthy to be the best man, husband and father I can be."

Ethan McEndarfer

Federal Firefighter and EMT Fort Riley, KS

Angie's Success Story

Angie has lost over 60 pounds

"My name is Angie Porter and I just finished taking the C2C Reset Total Transformation and Combat Recovery course.  The amount of which I have learned about myself is immeasurable and has changed my outlook on life. This course has given me the confidence I have been lacking my entire life! I now have the courage to speak up and not just take what I am given.  I have the mind set that I am worthy and I feel it and believe it.  I have lost 34 pounds within the 12 week course and I'm still going.  I have learned in the past 12 weeks that with the Courage to Change...

I've grown in confidence!  I've grown in emotional maturity! I've grown spiritually and I'm growing with the management of my weight and health. I have found and removed my personal sabotages and fears that have stopped me from accomplishing my goals in my life. I truly feel this course has opened many doors for me which were blocked because of my own fears of failure and PTSD. I no longer set myself up for failure, i set myself up for success and have stopped repeating the same patterns out of fear of failing.  Those old beliefs have been removed from my present and future; thus giving birth to my own self worth, self love, and self accountability!  I AM FREE!

This course will help you get rid of things that you're carrying around, old and other people's baggage so you can throw out the junk.  You have a clean slate, a RESET, and you know that you are worth the effort.  With this course I have been able to move forward over obstacles like my bad self-image and realize that is not my truth.  I will continue my journey with these tools that I have learned in this course.  Thank you Brian, for having believed in me. I feel amazing! I look amazing! I am amazing!  My relationship with our Lord and Savior has bloomed into such a love affair.  I had never known how much He loved me until now.  Now I truly understand the love the Lord has for us all.  Thank you!" -Angie

Orlinda's  Success Story

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Larry's Success Story

Larry lost 34 pounds in 12 weeks

Hi, my name is (The Reverend Laurence Ernest John Kirchner II) or you can just call me “Larry” or as many people do, just call me “Fr. Larry”. I would like to tell you why I am so happy to tell you about this course or class or just a beginning of a re-newed life. I was at the Mount Carmel Center (that provides services for veterans), one day when I saw Mr. Brian Wellbrock and his materials sitting out on a table in the large meeting room.

The title “Courage to Change” (C2C) caught my attention. You see, I am a post-transplant patient having had a liver transplant a year earlier. As the first day of the class drew near I had a medical concern as my blood pressure continued to fall. I ended up in the E.R. in Colorado Springs. They kept me for a day and then transferred me to a different hospital up north. I left that hospital the next day as I was being ignored and I left against medical advice. I ended up at the VA hospital and went through several difficulties which triggered me, and I experienced my PTSD trauma event for the next two days.

Well Tuesday rolled around and I was NOT at all sure I could attend the C2C event. I pushed myself and went to the course. All during the morning, I could not stop tearing and crying most of the day, although I did regain my composure by the end of the day. The presentation grabbed my attention and began to move me forward. The following classes took me to a better place and began to help me rebuild myself and assisted me in learning the tools to begin the changes that I so needed in my life.

The course included information and tools for nutrition, exercise, diet, weight, and other aspects. It was so easy to participate in the classes and all the sharing of the participants as well as Brian himself made the whole classes so personal and made us a close group concerned and supportive of each other.

I learned that my health could be in my control given the tools and the learning that we all need and to consider the components of the Physical, the Mental, the Emotions, and perhaps the most important for me being the Spiritual. (Now remember that I am a Priest.) Forget one of the four and the others begin to unravel.

The scripture references were “so” very important to help. I only wish I could be better able to give you a better explanation of the powerful results that we experienced during the twelve weeks of the C2C experiences. I so-o-o-o recommend this to everyone wishing to improve themselves with support and genuine caring.

So good luck and welcome to the Courage to Change experience. I only hope that you will find this experience as personal and successful as I did. God Bless You All,  -Larry

Jane's Success Story

"I recently retired from the Armed Services and I made a goal to take a health and healing journey. I was grateful to meet Brian Wellbrock. He was understanding and relatable. Brian gave language to what I had trouble expressing but was experiencing. I was struggling post transition and I was in a very dark place. I saw a flyer at Mt. Carmel and I reached out for help. It turns out this program was exactly what I had been searching for.

As the course progressed I had the opportunity to personally develop and emotionally heal. I began to identify and uncover lies that I had been believing that left long standing pain physically, emotionally and spiritually. I gained the necessary skills to refute those lies with truth and put my Faith in Action. I thank God for this opportunity.

I can honestly say I have been given the message of hope and the Courage to Change. I am alive to this day because of this opportunity. It was a lifeline to me. I needed the flexibility and encouragement to thrive and this program gave me that. Thank you so very much for this message of hope." -Jane

Sarah's Success Story

"C2C Reset was a complete God-send in a time when I was determinedly set on deep inner healing as well as focusing on getting my basic needs of food, water, sleep, exercise, time with God more regular. I believe that Brian has been specifically gifted and anointed to bring such a powerful and holistic approach to healing, and I am eternally grateful that he and his wife have chosen to share with such generous hearts this gift with veterans-a demographic which I can objectively say desperately needs this kind of care and support.

I could write a several page paper on how incredible and how influential this program was in my life, but in an effort to be concise I will pare it down. If Brian only went through the first four hours of discovering what our core beliefs about ourselves are, that would be life-changing in and of itself. And I love how he placed that in the first part of the program-in fact, the order of teaching lessons was very well-thought out, starting with foundational beliefs, working through to our behaviour.

Brian has an incredible skill for listening to a person and hearing what they aren’t even aware that they’re expressing. This occurred on several occasions, and each time what he was able to hear and voice brought incredible insight and even deeper and more powerful freedom. Words truly cannot express the power of this.

One of these times was when he talked to me about the importance of celebrating my accomplishments. He knew from the first time working with me that I was excessively hard on myself and didn’t know how to feel accomplished. Because he talked about this, I am still practicing and getting better at celebrating even the silly, mundane things like “Good Job Sarah, you did the dishes and cleaned up the house even when you really didn’t feel like it!” So simple, but being able to celebrate and acknowledge these little things is reprogramming my mind so I can also feel excited when I accomplish “bigger, more important things”.

Another life-altering revelation that I was gifted with as I talked with Brian was in regards to my core perspective on life. Growing up with extreme emotional abuse, and having that compounded by my time in the military, I believed that life was serious-something to endure, to get through but definitely not something to enjoy or take pleasure in. When I talked with him about this he helped me to see that one of my core values, Beauty, which I had struggled to come to terms with, all tied into God’s own character and in fact is God’s core value-this has been such a liberating revelation for me that has freed me to be able to feel ok to take time to enjoy reading novels again (something I had cut out of my life due to my belief it was frivolous and a waste of time) I’ve been able to feel no shame in watching a cheesy Hallmark movie every once in a while when I just want to relax or take out my painting things and play around with colors and simply enjoy the process, not for the sake of producing anything but simply to enjoy and have fun and feel beauty. This has been an incredible gift and I expect it will expand to be a gift to many others as well.

On the physical fitness aspect, even though I came with more knowledge than perhaps some have starting a program like this, I learned so much more about specifics of nutrition, timing for fueling workouts depending on the goal and body type. I love how Brian doesn’t just give cookie-cutter advice but worked with my specific particular needs and goals. For example, he was very helpful in working to figure out how I can get proper nutrition before and after an extended fast, and encouraged me to not worry about losing muscle mass ( a big concern of mine) reminding me that I need to expect God to take care of those details too when I’m surrendered to him.

I could go on and on, but I will end with saying that I am eternally grateful for this program and being able to go through this with Brian. I think in some ways it helped supplement many missing pieces that I hadn’t received from my own father, and was such a gift.

This also came at the perfect time. When the gym I had been working out in closed due to Corona Virus, I was able to have accountability to get me through the worst of that mess with accountability and excitement." -Sarah

Chris's Success Story

"With C2C Reset I have lost 30 pounds and God has freed me from my troubled past. I have received God's grace and I realize now He created me to be a warrior, a man of God and destined me for purpose and success in all things. I am now 100% more disciplined in my health, am off of all alcohol, have been set free from my addiction to pornography and was recently baptized by Brian Wellbrock. I am not the same person, have learned how to take my thoughts captive and make them obedient to Christ and how to no longer let my feelings control me. I have given my heart to Christ and now let my actions reflect my love for and from Him. The support throughout this course has been astronomical and a game changer. Learning to love myself has opened the door to learning how to love others."  --Chris

Craig's Success Story

"C2C helped me to understand that all of the "stuff" I hold inside and don't express are shared by almost everyone in one way or another. I came to understand that God has a plan for me, and that by holding on to self-deprecating believes, I am limiting myself from being all that I can be. God's plan for my service to others comes with a cost, but I never realized before how much I didn't allow God into my life to help me serve God's need for my service." --

Assistance Police Chief, Sergeant Craig Divoll

Belle Plaine, KS

Vietnam Veteran
Larry lost 29 pounds

"I first met Brian when Fran and I (actually Fran) were looking to find a way to lose some of the weight we had gained back in the past 3 years. I needed to lose about 30 pounds and since Brian’s advertisement claimed we would lose 30 pounds in 12 weeks I thought why not give it a try. I say try since I have lost 30 to 50 pounds many times before with many different plans. The first night I realized this was not going to be the typical weight loss plan. Brian began by teaching me that the reason for the up and down the weight loss scale was much deeper that counting calories and exercise. We began to learn that our weight and health had more to do with how we saw ourselves from past traumas and experiences. As we continued, we began to learn who we were created to be and whose image we are made in. Learning this is key in developing the courage to change and the positive changes we make are all for the Glory of our Creator. Thank you for the encouragement and your passion to Glorify Jesus Christ as you teach every week. Thank you, Brian, for helping me to define Courage to Change."  --Larry Craig

Fran lost 29 pounds

"I met Brian at the Women’s Fair this Spring. We stood and chatted about his program. I realized that I needed to get back on track and get my weight under control. I convinced my husband to come with me to the first meeting and we were both convinced that this was what we needed. We learned that taking care of our bodies was a form of worship, and that knowing in whose image we were made in motivated us to learn more about having the courage to change even at our age. The results were very satisfying with 58 pounds lost between us. Thank you Brian for encouraging and motivating us to have the Courage to Change."     --Fran Craig

Chief Todd Ackerman's
success story

Chief Todd lost 20 pounds

 "The C2C program was introduced to me in May of this year at a conference for chiefs of police in the state of Kansas. I spoke with Brian for several minutes about what the program is and how it can help not only me but my agency. There are many health and weight loss programs around and I am always skeptical. After learning that C2C is not just weight loss, but also taking control of your mind, body, and spiritual self. It is a faith-based program that lets you take a hard look at yourself in all ways from the obvious physical, but the spiritual self and your thought process about how and why you should take care of your body. I enrolled our department into the program, and we started in the late summer of 2023. We started out with the usual measurements of the body for a starting point. Then every week we would discuss our habits and what we were eating along with exercise programs as well. Then we always have a spiritual side to the lesson. God placed us here to honor him. What better way to do this and to honor him with us taking care of our bodies. I never thought of this before. It is true as we are taught that our bodies are temples, and we should treat them that way. Now, we all are made of different sizes to heights to mindsets. Some people are driven hardcore for physical appearance, and some would like to just loose 30 pounds. In my case I am looking at a long term of 80lbs. to lose. I will get there with what I have learned. I am not a body builder, but I have learned to use exercise as a form of stress relief. As a chief of police, I have plenty of stress. I was also a stress eater. One of the other aspects I never really thought of about getting in shape is the aspect of staying faithful to myself, God, and my spouse with this program. Staying faithful in the sense I will not fail this program in their eyes so I will always be around on this earth with my spouse as I should be. Respecting y body and taking care of it is not only a promise to yourself, but to God and your spouse. My wife and I now cook together and speak openly about the struggles and openly about the high times as well. I would promote this program to whoever wants to take control of their stress and life as a whole."

Chief Todd R. Ackerman, Director Augusta Department of Public Safety

Sergeant Glen Davidson's
success story

Glen lost 34 pounds
and his wife lost 80 pounds

"Before I met Brian, I remember working out and eating certain foods and I was able to get my weight down to 210 pounds. Even though I lost weight, I was still not happy with my results. After a while, I slowly stopped working out and my eating habits changed again. A few years later I was back up to 245 pounds. I was not happy with the way I looked or how my clothes fit anymore. I knew I could get my weight down again to 210 pounds. I started working out, but the weight was not coming off. Changing diets was not the easiest to do either with a family. I met Brian at a Chief’s Conference, and he told me about the 12-week challenge. I knew I wanted to lose weight and I wanted a better workout routine. I decided to give it a try. At first, I felt I knew what I wanted and that was just more information on how to work out and what to eat. As I went through the course with Brian, I learned there is more to getting into shape and staying in shape. I learned that I had to be better spiritually, mentally, and emotionally to be better physically. After I learned the importance of being more spiritual, getting a better mindset and checking my emotions I was able to lose 34 pounds during the course. I am happier now, than I was last time I lost weight. I have goals to keep striving for. I now feel I have a more complete knowledge of how to loose weight and keep it off." Glen

Glen Davidson

Valley Center, KS, PD

Lieutenant Derek Highbarger's
success Story

Lieutenant Highbarger lost 20 pounds.

"Amazing day today. Got baptized in the Arkansas River! If anyone is looking for a program to bring their faith and overall wellness together that will find you where you are in life, look for Brian Wellbrock! His program and dedication to helping people has been a great experience for many of us professionally and personally!" 

Lieutenant Derek Highbarger

Augusta , KS, Department of Public Safety

Vietnam Combat Medic Donna Chaney's
success story

Donna lost 30 pounds

Hi, I am writing to encourage you to take Brian's classes, and why.  It is well worth it.  Each class touched me.  I needed them and they seemed to fit in where I needed to work on ME, at this time.  A friend told me about the class and I kind of backed off - she didn't; explained more, and Brian met me at the Cracker Barrell in Colorado Springs, CO.  I liked his friendly way of introducing himself and brief about the classes at that moment.  He filled me in and I was more intrigued.  I'm going to say for all those weeks I drove an hour one way from Aurora, CO to Colorado Springs just for the classes and it was well worth it.  The way he taught the class was friendly, encouraging, he knew his stuff and was gracious to be human in teaching.  I felt comfortable and learned things I was surprised about.  He added in God - Religion when it fit and I felt good about that.  Warm welcoming, plus you learn something.  Sign up now!

Donna Chaney

Vietnam Combat Medic

Officer Blake Weekley's
Success story

"This program is all in what you make it. If you adhere to the program you will see results. This will not only benefit you, but those around you. Don't think of the program as just a physical weight loss journey, but also a mental check. If you are a Christ follower this program will also help you become closer with Christ. Not only you, but those around you will notice the difference over the next three months. My first meal after our first class was a can of tuna, I don't mind tuna but just eating soggy mushy tuna from a can, I was miserable. I quickly learned it helped to have my wife on board with me. As I'm no cook, she helped prepare healthier meals and informally joined me in my weight loss. I did not do as good as I wanted to and my results show this, but even not being as strict as I should have been, dealing with both Thanksgiving and Christmas holiday meals, and switching back to night shift I was able to maintain approximately ten pounds lost, a fur coat as Brian would say, of lost weight through the end. Good luck!"

Blake Weekley

Officer, Rose Hill, KS PD

Captain Jason Conrad's
Success story

"I began the C2C program with a very hi level of encouragement. I had been looking for a program that would fill the need of nutrition and exercise. As an added bonus, there was a mental and spiritual aspect. As the program went along, for me, the program seemed to focus on introspective of myself. Through the program I was able to start to understand how all aspects of my life intertwined with each other. The program provided a mentor who had gone through the program and was in a similar role in our profession. I did not reach out to my mentor, but he did reach out to me a couple of times and let me know he was there for support. During the program, I was challenged spiritually with putting all my effort into the program. I soon accepted that the more I put into the program the more I got out of it. The program gave me several tools to make sure I was reaching my goals. I will continue to go back through my resources and continue to do the program again. Seeing the information for multiple times, I hope to gain more understanding about myself and continue to improve my body and my spiritual walk with God!"

Jason Conrad

Captain, Rose Hill, KS, PD

Veteran and Reserve Officer Dustin Short's Success story:

"Well I lost almost 20 pounds. I am down 18.6 lbs. I have went down in pant sizes and shirt sizes from 3xlt to 2xlt. I do feel more energized. I play with my son more and have started to do things around the house a lot easier and more productively. My back was a big part of my lack of activity, a lot of middle back pain and it is down a lot now. I'd say it was about a 7-8 on a 1-10 scale daily and now it is 2-3 and mainly sore at the end of the day. I am a lot more aware of what I eat and drink now. I don't drink alcohol but I was a heavy diet soda drinker.

Mentally I feel pretty sharp now. I am better to myself I think. I have become stronger in telling others what I want versus keeping it to myself. I have noticed that it has changed people's opinions of me and they are used to taking advantage of me, and that is not who I am today. So, I am fine with that and feel great. I am calmer I think. I also feel like it has made me a little more "firey" if that makes sense.

I have felt Gods presence and peace more now. I struggled with committing time to read the Bible and now I found I like to read in bed and pray in bed. I also have started to pray over my family and home daily and feel a huge difference in our home. I like the program. I think the meetings were helpful for me. I wish we had more participation from our group. I think we could have done more together.

Maybe even had a few workouts together would have been fun. But I enjoyed hearing you and Blake and Cpt. each week. I had a good time learning and will continue to grow and get stronger. I am excited to see what I can do now! Thank you for providing this program to us. It has been great." Dustin Short Veteran and Reserve Officer, Rose Hill, KS, PD

Dustin Short

Veteran and Reserve Officer,
Rose Hill, KS, PD