Healing your Soul Wound

So, what is a soul wound and how do you heal it?

Great question?  Many of you have deep wounds, many going way beyond the physical.  The soul wound comes from the culmination of your life experiences inside and outside of the military or as a first responder up until this point; what you have seen, done, executed, smelled, tasted, heard and touched that may have gone against or was a violation to your moral and/or spiritual code.  Military and first responder life takes this to a whole new level.  In essence, traumas of any kind can cause a separation from you and your emotions, God, your mind and your body, a disconnect.  It can cause a vicious loop of living in the past and future, robbing you of living in the present with hope, peace, love and freedom.

Moving forward to heal your soul wounds we need to reset or reconnect you with God, your spirit, emotions, mind and body (not just one or two) because they are all part of every experience you have ever gone through and all influence each other.

It's time to push the reset button in all 4 areas!

Emotional Reset

Healing your emotions and reconnecting you with your true authentic self!

Think of your soul as your true authentic self.  When trauma occurs either by something you have done or by the hands of someone else it can cause an emotional disconnect.  The emotional wound or disconnect makes it very difficult to receive compassion, empathy and forgiveness from others and especially yourself.

The C2C Reset course facilitates this with a safe, friendly and healing curriculum and delivery.  Most of you were or are highly trained soldiers or tactical athletes in your field at expert levels.  But few have been prepared or trained emotionally to deal with the stress, pain, loss, trauma and carnage of war and society.  This includes family members of soldiers and first responders.

This traumatic experience and even many childhood and adult traumas outside of the military or force can cause you to feel disconnected from your emotions and your true self.  Many describe feeling emotionally broken and unable to give and receive love and kindness without extreme anxiety.

But there is hope!  That is why we must reconnect or reset your emotions by conquering fear, regret, anger, guilt, shame, self doubt, self loathing, depression, unforgiveness, and unworthiness.  Learning how to offer yourself compassion and empathy and forgiveness is so powerful.  It may seem overwhelming and like you have no idea how to do this, but we've got you!  This course and curriculum will get you there!

We will also show you numerous brain therapy techniques that bring the anxiety and heightened emotions way down.  Remember, all four areas of healing influence each other drastically!  I talk more about this in the section on "mental reset."

Together we will heal and reset your emotional wounds and will reconnect you with your true authentic self!

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Spiritual Reset

Healing your spirit and reconnecting with God!

You've tried everything else yet may be still feeling as though something is missing in your healing. The one thing I have heard consistently the most from veterans, first responders and people suffering from PTSD is that they are robbed of hope and joy.  That is why our greatest mission is to restore hope and joy back into your hearts and minds.  

Hope isn't found in an exercise program, nutrition plan or latest greatest supplement.  EMDR therapy by itself will not restore hope.  Only God, the author of hope, love, healing, joy and restoration can fill that void inside you.  After-all, He is the one who made you the badass you are!

Jesus Christ loves you, is so very proud of you, wants to know you and wants you to know Him intimately.  But, what does this look like?  What does this even mean in relation to your healing and life moving forward?  God meets you right where you are and so do we.  Each of you in your tactical career have been and still are willing to lay down your life for our country and your brothers and sisters in arms.  With C2C Reset we will introduce you to someone who already has laid his life down for you, Jesus Christ.

I'm not talking about religion.  I'm talking about a real, life changing, life altering personal and private relationship with Christ.  Your spirit needs nourishment from God just like your body needs nourishment from your spirit.

Together we will help you heal your spirit and reconnect with God.

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Mental Reset

Helping heal your brain and reconnecting with and renewing your mind!

Think of your brain as the hardware and your mind as the software.  They influence each other and often times with veterans and active duty military they are both in need of a reset.  Let's face it, most of you have been hit, jarred, shook or impacted by an external force pretty hard and probably had either diagnosed or undiagnosed TBI's, concussions or mid-line shifts (which you will learn more about in the course).  When your brain and mind are struggling it can and usually does cause extreme anxiety and can trigger the emotional, physical and spiritual soul wounds. 

With C2C Reset our strategy is to give you the right tools so your brain and your mind get the attention they need to heal.

Your mind is perhaps the biggest battle ground.  You may have been experiencing a broken record in your head of traumatic sounds and images as well as negative and destructive self talk (cognitive distortions).  

We attack these cognitive distortions or "lies" as we call them... head on.  The C2C Reset course and curriculum will help you identify and change these lies running through your head to the truth.  The result is freedom between your ears, to change the broken record playing in your head to one of peace, truth and positivity. 

You will learn faith based CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy) techniques designed to give you the reigns back so you no longer live with "rev brain", unable to turn off the broken record of past memories and traumas.  In essence we will change the tape recorder in your head, what you rehearse over and over and over throughout the day and night.

Winning the battle in your mind means the renewal of your mind.  You may have already had some CBT but approaching this with a faith based perspective gives power to your words because it is part of a much deeper belief system that originates in God's word.  You will learn how to take your thoughts captive, what to do with them and how to control what you allow your mind to think about.

You will learn to change the cognitive distortions or lies you may be believing about yourself to the truth found in God's word.  In essence... "You will train your mind to mind you!"

Brain Therapy:
You will also learn many techniques that will help your brain relax and heal from trauma. Again, think of your brain as the hardware and your mind as the software!  You will learn how, why, and when to implement EMDR therapy, Bilateral stimulation music therapy, TDCS Brain Driver, and other brain therapy technologies. You will also learn nutritional and supplemental strategies for helping your brain heal.  By themselves they only help minimally.  However, when implemented as part of a complete C2C Reset strategy they will give you relief!

Together we will help heal your brain and reconnect you with and renew your mind!

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Physical Reset

Healing your physical wounds and reconnecting you with your body!

Let's face it, whatever your POS is or was in the military your body has been banged up and bruised up physically internally and externally and you probably deal with pain, inflammation, and can't always do what you want and need to do.  The physical toll on you throughout your service has been great and may have caused discouragement, self doubt, and sometimes even unhealthy coping mechanisms to deal with the pain.  This includes mental and emotional pain as well. Sound familiar?

Your body is an amazing engineering marvel and is designed to give you what you need when you need it.  But when trauma hits, whether physical, emotional, mental or spiritual, your body protects itself by releasing powerful hormones to give you strength, heightened alertness and mental clarity.  But this defense mechanism (your sympathetic nervous system) was never meant to be stuck in the on position 24/7 for years or even decades.  In this case it is harmful and not sustainable; hence PTSD!  In many cases this physical reaction to stress and trauma can cause shaking, exhaustion, lethargy, nausea, headaches, digestive issues, and even exacerbates the emotional, mental and spiritual soul wounds earlier discussed.  That is why all four areas must be dealt with simultaneously!

Throughout the C2C Reset course and curriculum you will learn the following 10 physical reset methodologies:

1.  Adrenaline and Cortisol Overload:
When you break PTSD down it is more of a physiological disorder than a psychological disorder.  What does this mean?  Much of your shaking and physical symptoms come from super high levels of adrenaline that get stuck on defcon twelve 24/7!  Military life was and is hard on the body!  Sleep deprivation alone causes a massive adrenal response. And when you combine sleep deprivation with calorie deprivation, stimulants to stay awake and extremely high intensity dangerous and traumatic events, your body lives on adrenaline and develops PTSD as a defense mechanism.  As this happens extreme amounts of the stress hormone Cortisol gets released causing the body to stay broken down, over trained and over stressed.  It is very tricky to get the adrenal system to calm down after prolonged heightened levels.  But this is where C2C Reset shines.

2.  How to train and exercise safely and effectively outside and inside the tactical athlete world:
The C2C Reset curriculum provides you with an exercise program designed to meet and exceed your physical goals without continuing to trigger you.  Learning how, what, when, where and why you train is a game changer.

3.  Tox-Sick Detox:
While in your tactical career you are or were exposed to and given astronomical amounts of toxins, from what you cleaned with to the enormous number of shots (like Anthrax) you were given throughout your career.  These toxins affect your physical health, your brain, your mind, your emotions and your spirit.  You will learn simple and non-expensive natural ways to begin the detoxification process.  Let's reset your body shall we?

4.  Prime the alkaline:
Between the MRE's, toxins, stimulants and host of other things we'll discuss, your body is probably very acidic, which leads to inflammation, pain and increased sickness.  You will learn how to restore or reset your body to a more alkaline state, thus giving your entire body a more optimal chance to heal.

5.  Inflammation control/pain management:
Your body has been through the ringer and probably struggles with inflammation.  You will learn many strategies of decreasing the inflammation in your body.  Inflammation causes pain and pain can be a major trigger with PTSD.  Physical pain triggers emotional pain and emotional pain triggers physical pain.  With C2C Reset our goal is to take away as much pain as humanly possible, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually!

6.  Resiliency - Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual Integration:
Every component of "YOU" directly and indirectly affects every part of you.  Your resiliency and healing depends on addressing all four areas simultaneously.  You will learn what this looks like in "YOU!"

7.  Cardiovascular Training/Oxygenation/proper breathing techniques:
Proper oxygenation is crucial to healing your entire body, even your brain and your emotions.  You will learn how, why, what kind, when and for how long you should do cardiovascular exercise to reach and surpass your individual goals.  You will learn breathing techniques designed to bring you down from anxiety and triggers, giving you the reigns back with your life and health!

8.  Proper organic nutrition/supplementation/hydration:
Healing your body, your adrenal system, your mind, brain and emotions requires strategically putting good things into your body.  Learning to live a more organic lifestyle by what you eat, drink and take supplementally will decrease inflammation, help you detox, lose body fat, lower cortisol levels, increase energy, identify and change unhealthy coping mechanisms to healthy ones and will help you daily self advocate in your health and well being.  

9.  Non-impact functional corrective Kinesiology (functional strength training):
Learning how to train effectively inside and outside your tactical career is imperative.  The C2C Reset curriculum gives you 2 different strength training programs to follow and also gives you additional free educational/instructional videos online to learn proper technique of suggested exercises.  We individualize the exercises when needed.  Your joints have gone through a  lot of abuse so how you train is a game changer moving forward in your life!

10.  Functional Flexibility:

C2C Reset is partners with many veteran and first responder friendly organizations in our communities.  We wholeheartedly encourage participants to engage in functional yoga and Tai Chi classes designed for veterans (and their families) suffering from PTSD.  But C2C Reset will teach you how to implement this into an entire program and/or schedule so it becomes a piece of your healing puzzle, rather than it's own means to an end.  C2C Reset is about teaching a complete wellness strategy physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually!

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