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Friend and hero,  do you wish you could push the reset button on your life?  How far back would you go?  Pre-military?  Pre-divorce?  Pre-Childhood?

What if:  You could push the reset button and go back before anything bad happened and before you knew just how dark the world can be?

What if:  You could push the reset button and go back before the shaking started and before the broken record of thoughts and memories started running through your head 24/7?

What if:  You could reset your mind, your emotions, your body and spirit to God's original design and plan for your life?  Let's face it, you have been banged up and beat up on all levels from your many sacrifices in the military.  Am I right?  You have probably tried other programs and therapy but have often left wanting more, like something is still missing.

With C2C Reset you can and will push the reset button by a faith based 12 week course and curriculum designed to heal the soul wounds in your life, giving you an emotional reset, spiritual reset, mind reset and body reset simultaneously.  There is HOPE and a strategy right here, right now!

Our goal is to help you thrive, not just survive!  We do this by combining professional health coaching, life coaching and personal training with faith based CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) techniques designed to help you heal from the inside out.  

C2C Reset is a 12 week course and curriculum offered privately in person, through live video conferencing or in men's and women's weekly C2C Reset Leadership Team meetings.  It depends on your individual needs which we will figure out together when you call. 

This course will help facilitate physical, mental, emotional and spiritual healing and restoration, a full RESET.  As a veteran or family member of one, you have most likely experienced hurts, hang-ups and bang-ups in all 4 areas, not just one or two.  So, we focus on healing all 4 areas simultaneously.

It's time to push the reset button and meet and surpass your goals of healing and restoration.

Angie's Success Story

Angie has lost over 60 pounds!

"The amount of which I have learned about myself is immeasurable and has changed my outlook on life.  This course has given me the confidence I have been lacking my entire life!  I've grown in emotional maturity!  I've grown spiritually and I'm growing with the management of my weight and health.  I have found and removed my personal sabotages and fears that have stopped me from accomplishing my goals in my life.  I truly feel this course has opened many doors for me which were blocked because of my own fears of failure and PTSD.  Now I truly understand the love the Lord has for us all.  Thank you Brian, for having believed in me.  I feel amazing!  I look amazing!  I am amazing!" -Angie

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Jane's Success Story

"I am alive to this day because of this opportunity. It was a lifeline to me. I needed the flexibility and encouragement to thrive and this program gave me that. Thank you so very much for this message of hope." -Jane

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Larry's Success Story

"It was so easy to participate in the classes and all the sharing of the participants as well as Brian himself made the whole classes so personal and made us a close group concerned and supportive of each other. I learned that my health could be in my control given the tools and the learning that we all need and to consider the components of the Physical, the Mental, the Emotions, and perhaps the most important for me being the Spiritual. (Now remember that I am a Priest.) Forget one of the four and the others begin to unravel."

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Sarah's Success Story

"C2C Reset was a complete God-send in a time when I was determinedly set on deep inner healing as well as focusing on getting my basic needs of food, water, sleep, exercise, time with God more regular. I believe that Brian has been specifically gifted and anointed to bring such a powerful and holistic approach to healing, and I am eternally grateful that he and his wife have chosen to share with such generous hearts this gift with veterans-a demographic which I can objectively say desperately needs this kind of care and support."

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Our mission is to save over 1 million veteran lives by combining professional life and health coaching and personal training methodologies with faith based CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy techniques) designed to heal the soul wounds present in many of our veterans and their family members.

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Our vision is to certify thousands of willing participants to teach the C2C Reset course and curriculum.

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