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C2C Reset is a 12 week course FREE to all first responders and their families, minus the cost of books.  We are a 501c3 privately funded non-profit organization.

Think of C2C Reset as a corporate wellness program on steroids...without the steroids. Our faith based (Christian) 12 week curriculum facilitates a much deeper health, tactical job performance and healing process; from weight loss, energy and functional strength gain, to helping your team with mindfulness, resiliency, support and overcoming PTSD.   The stress associated with trauma, loss and life's hardships for the tactical athlete is very real.

We do this online and in person through our team of expert personal trainers/health/life coach practitioners. So our first responders can literally be from anywhere in the United States. 

Don't let the faith component fool you.  Our goal isn't to take the Badass out of the tactical athlete!  Our goal is to help take the anxiety out of the badass!  Though we balance faith with science, this is not an easy course and we will not be singing Kumbayah over a campfire.

As a tactical athlete you get hammered physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually, am I right?  This can cause a disconnect in each of these 4 areas.  Our goal is to meet you right where you are and help you reconnect (RESET) in each one!

--  Every 44-46 hours a law enforcement officer commits suicide!
--  More officers are dying to suicide than in the line of duty!
--  73-88% of firefighters are overweight or obese!
--  37% of firefighters did not meet departmental physical recommendations/requirements.  We will change this together!

As police officers, fire fighters and EMS you not only have strenuous physical requirements while staying on top of your game, but emotional ones as well. You see it all, the worst of the worst in accidents, fires and people's destructive behavior.

The demands on your mind, body, emotions and spirit are extremely taxing and are at times overwhelming. How do you learn to maintain a confident boldness yet a compassionate, sincere and unhardened heart while working in an environment of violence and carnage?

How do you self advocate!

We can help you make that separation so you can serve and protect free from the stress that comes with it. You will learn about good nutrition and exercise but with powerful life changing principles leading the way. Your thoughts, attitudes and performances (TAP) will be in alignment with God, thus producing the best possible results in each area of your life. You will learn to step into the fullness of your position of authority and leadership.

C2C Reset will provide you with the tools  to become the best version of yourself possible physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

How does this benefit your department? This helps a company's bottom line with decreased sick leave, cost of health care, absenteeism, tardiness and increases job performance, morale, and the whole community service experience. Healthy employees are happy employees!  

How the course works:

The nuts and bolts once we have a start date:
(For online courses we have a few alterations.)

Step 1:

Each of your team will receive the following prior to our official start date:

In-depth Health History
Stress Assessment
Body Fat Analysis
Anthropometric measurements

Courses that are taught remotely will have health history and stress assessment only.


Step 2:

Week 1 (part 1) Kickoff Foundational Seminar:

This 3 hour kickoff seminar sets the foundation for the entire 12 week course by beginning the process of teaching faith based cognitive behavioral therapy techniques, value and performance on and off the job.


Step 3:

Week 1 (part 2) Foundational Seminar:

In this 2 hour seminar we give each person a starting point in nutrition, meal planning, detoxification, supplementation  and the science of cardiovascular exercise and strength training as it relates to stress and trauma, personal goals and on the job performance.


Step 4:

Weeks 2-12 in Courage to Change curriculum:

Each week will consist of a 2 hour "teach and share" experience as we go deeper into learning and healing and growing.  We piggy-back all 4 of the pillars of health, the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.  The Courage to Change curriculum will facilitate this.


Step 5:


At the end of the course we will retake the following :

Stress Assessment
Body Fat Analysis
Anthropometric Measurements


Step 6:

Awards Ceremony:

Each member of your team that has finished the course will be presented with a custom "Achievement Award" metal flag containing your department name and their last name.  It is our way of saying thank you for your hard work and for having the Courage to Change!


The big question?

What results can you expect?

Though results vary for each person based on individual needs and goals, here is a list of the average results our C2C Reset participants receive:

*Marked improvement on the stress assessment,
*Increased energy and focus,
*Better self-talk and better relationships with self, family, friends, colleagues and God,  *Weight loss an average of 30 pounds throughout 12 weeks,
*Lower blood pressure, decreased pain and inflammation,
*Gotten off many medications due to increased health,
*Better sleep regulation, better adoption of healthy habits,
*Conquered alcohol and drug addiction and other self medicating coping mechanisms
*Better overall functional strength, endurance and flexibility for on and off the job performance for the tactical athlete,
*Decreased musculoskeletal injuries, strains and sprains,
*Learned to receive empathy, grace and forgiveness from him or herself, others and God,
*Learned how to self advocate free of shame!



Belle Plaine PD, Kansas

We are so proud of the Belle Plaine PD for their achievements while going through the C2C Reset 12 week course.  So many breakthroughs!

We are proud and honored to have become part of your pit crew!

"The C2C Reset course opened some officers hearts and mind about who they are and what they like or dislike about themselves. It helped to change their mindset about the way they sometimes see life issues and how much better it can be to open up to others. Helped them come to the realization that it is healthy to reach out for help even though we are the ones that usually help others. It helped bring God deeper into our lives and motivated some officers to nourish their bodies with healthier foods.  I started attending church when I can. I had been working toward losing some weight and getting in shape and C2C helped motivate me to continue that path and enlightened me on eating even healthier than I was."  --Police Chief Bill Berry, Belle Plaine, KS.

"C2C helped me to understand that all of the "stuff" I hold inside and don't express are shared by almost everyone in one way or another. I came to understand that God has a plan for me, and that by holding on to self-deprecating believes, I am limiting myself from being all that I can be. God's plan for my service to others comes with a cost, but I never realized before how much I didn't allow God into my life to help me serve God's need for my service."  --  Assistance Police Chief, Sergeant Craig Divoll, Belle Plaine, KS

Brian Wellbrock had the honor of baptizing Sergeant Craig Divoll in the Arkansas river with his entire family watching as well as officiating his wedding.

Ethan McEndarfer - Fort Riley Firefighter & EMT

Ethan did an amazing job having the Courage to Change!

Great job and welcome to our family!

"One of the biggest take-a ways I have received as a result of the Courage to Change curriculum has been in the area of my thoughts. Going through the program I received understanding and strategies to overcome negative thoughts and how they are so detrimental in my life. As a result of the work my relationships with God, myself and others have improved and my confidence as a man of God and a warrior has increased as I’ve practiced replacing the lies I've believed and walked in with the Truth of who God says about me. I also have more understanding of nutrition and physical fitness with motivation to be healthy to be the best man, husband and father I can be."  --Ethan

Glen Smoke - Combat Veteran, Lenexa, KS Firefighter & Paramedic

Glen did a fantastic job going through the C2C Reset 12 week course and got his warrior back.

Great job Glen and welcome to our family!

"The course was extremely helpful for me. I was in a bit of a rough place following a divorce, and Brian did a great job of helping me get my life back under control. The scope of everything was a little daunting at first, but he broke it all down into manageable bites, and I can say I’m definitely doing better than I was at the beginning. I had a lot of small breakthroughs that added up to big results, from watching my energy level increase to having to get a new belt, since I got too skinny for the old one. I’ve developed sustainable healthy eating habits, lost a bunch of body fat, and feel better physically than I have in a long time. Understanding nutritional timing and metabolism has been huge for me. Spiritually and emotionally I’m doing really well also, I just feel better about myself and the direction I’m going. I've become a calmer, happier person, and it's been noticed by both my coworkers and my family.  It's become a lot easier to be patient with my young kids, which I was struggling with for a while. I've still got work to do, but with what Brian helped me learn, I've got my warrior back, so I know I'll get where I want to go."  --Glen

Augusta, KS PD / FIRE / EMT

We are so honored to have taken the Augusta, KS PD, Fire and EMT through C2C Reset.  We saw some pretty amazing results and the team did an amazing job of doing the deep dive, losing weight and having the Courage to Change. 

Team Augusta lost over 100 pounds collectively!

Chief Todd Ackerman, Augusta, KS PD / FIRE / EMT - Lost 20 pounds

I am so proud to share with you the testimony of the Chief of Police/Director of Public Safety in Augusta, KS, Todd Ackerman. He and his team did a fantastic job while going through C2C Reset. Chief Ackerman and his team found out that life didn't stop for them while they went through C2C Reset. The tools they were learning weekly during C2C were needed to navigate real stress, loss and trauma in real time. Chief Ackerman's mother died just a few weeks into the course and their community experienced a murder. Needless to say, adhering to a nutrition plan while going through that kind of loss and stress is difficult. But Chief Ackerman persevered and still managed to lose 20 pounds.

I am honored to share with you his testimony...

"The C2C program was introduced to me in May of this year at a conference for chiefs of police in the state of Kansas. I spoke with Brian for several minutes about what the program is and how it can help not only me but my agency. There are many health and weight loss programs around and I am always skeptical. After learning that C2C is not just weight loss, but also taking control of your mind, body, and spiritual self. It is a faith-based program that lets you take a hard look at yourself in all ways from the obvious physical, but the spiritual self and your thought process about how and why you should take care of your body. I enrolled our department into the program, and we started in the late summer of 2023.

We started out with the usual measurements of the body for a starting point. Then every week we would discuss our habits and what we were eating along with exercise programs as well. Then we always have a spiritual side to the lesson. God placed us here to honor him. What better way to do this and to honor him with us taking care of our bodies. I never thought of this before. It is true as we are taught that our bodies are temples, and we should treat them that way. Now, we all are made of different sizes to heights to mindsets. Some people are driven hardcore for physical appearance, and some would like to just loose 30 pounds. In my case I am looking at a long term of 80lbs. to lose. I will get there with what I have learned.

I am not a body builder, but I have learned to use exercise as a form of stress relief. As a chief of police, I have plenty of stress. I was also a stress eater. One of the other aspects I never really thought of about getting in shape is the aspect of staying faithful to myself, God, and my spouse with this program. Staying faithful in the sense I will not fail this program in their eyes so I will always be around on this earth with my spouse as I should be. Respecting your body and taking care of it is not only a promise to yourself, but to God and your spouse.

My wife and I now cook together and speak openly about the struggles and openly about the high times as well. I would promote this program to whoever wants to take control of their stress and life as a whole."

Todd R. Ackerman, Director Augusta Department of Public Safety

Lieutenant Derek Highbarger, Augusta, KS PD / FIRE / EMT - Lost 20 pounds

Meet Lieutenant Derek Highbarger of the Augusta, KS, PD/FIRE, EMT team.  He did an incredible job while going through C2C Reset.  He is a shining example of dedication to his health physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.  On January 21, 2024 I had the honor of baptizing Derek in the Arkansas river on a cold, windy and overcast day.  I can't think of a better day to do it!  We are all so proud of you Derek and congratulations on giving your heart to God and putting Him first.

I am honored to share with you his testimony...

"Amazing day today. Got baptized in the Arkansas River! If anyone is looking for a program to bring their faith and overall wellness together that will find you where you are in life, look for Brian Wellbrock! His program and dedication to helping people has been a great experience for many of us professionally and personally!"

Lieutenant Derek Highbarger

Sergeant Glen Davidson, Valley Center, KS Police

Meet Glen, a Sergeant from Valley Center, KS, PD. Glen was paired up with a veteran from Florida as he went through the C2C Reset course via live Skype online video conferencing. He recently finished C2C Reset with flying colors. Every week he did the deep dive as he learned and grew and had the Courage to Change. Glen lost 34 pounds and His wife lost 80 pounds.   

Here is Glen's testimony...

"Before I met Brian, I remember working out and eating certain foods and I was able to get my weight down to 210 pounds. Even though I lost weight, I was still not happy with my results. After a while, I slowly stopped working out and my eating habits changed again. A few years later I was back up to 245 pounds. I was not happy with the way I looked or how my clothes fit anymore. I knew I could get my weight down again to 210 pounds. I started working out, but the weight was not coming off. Changing diets was not the easiest to do either with a family.

I met Brian at a Chief’s Conference, and he told me about the 12-week challenge. I knew I wanted to lose weight and I wanted a better workout routine. I decided to give it a try. At first, I felt I knew what I wanted and that was just more information on how to work out and what to eat. As I went through the course with Brian, I learned there is more to getting into shape and staying in shape. I learned that I had to be better spiritually, mentally, and emotionally to be better physically. After I learned the importance of being more spiritual, getting a better mindset and checking my emotions I was able to lose 34 pounds during the course. I am happier now, than I was last time I lost weight. I have goals to keep striving for. I now feel I have a more complete knowledge of how to loose weight and keep it off."

Sergeant Glen Davidson

Mulvane, Kansas PD

Luis and Toby from the Mulvane, KS, PD did a super job while going through the course

Luis Gallegos

Toby Gray

Officer Blake Weekley, Rose Hill, KS Police

Meet Blake, an officer from Rose Hill, KS, PD.  Blake did a fantastic job while going through C2C Reset.  His awareness of when and how he stress eats is now out in the open where he can deal with it and make changes in real time and a very real busy schedule.

Here is Blake's testimony...

"This program is all in what you make it.  If you adhere to the program you will see results.  This will not only benefit you, but those around you.  Don't think of the program as just a physical weightloss journey, but also a mental check.  If you are a Christ follower this program will also help you become closer with Christ.  Not only you, but those around you will notice the difference over the next three months.

My first meal after our first class was a can of tuna, I don't mind tuna but just eating soggy mushy tuna from a can, I was miserable.  I quickly learned it helped to have my wife on board with me.  As I/m no cook,she helped prepare healthier meals and informally joined me in my weight loss.  I did not do as good as I wanted to and my results show this, but even not being as strict as I should have been, dealing with both Thanksgiving and Christmas holiday meals, and switching back to night shift I was able to maintain approximately ten pounds lost, a fur coat as Brian would say, of lost weight through the end.  Good luck!"

Officer Blake Weekley

Captain Jason Conrad, Rose Hill, KS Police

Meet Captain Jason Conrad with the Rose Hill Kansas, PD.  Despite the rigors of leadership in law enforcement, Captain Conrad showed up every week and worked hard.  Captain Conrad has a goal of losing at least 80 pounds and is on his way.

Here is Jason's testimony...

"I began the C2C program with a very hi level of encouragement. I had been looking for a program that would fill the need of nutrition and exercise. As an added bonus, there was a mental and spiritual aspect. As the program went along, for me, the program seemed to focus on introspective of myself. Through the program I was able to start to understand how all aspects of my life intertwined with each other.

The program provided a mentor who had gone through the program and was in a similar role in our profession. I did not reach out to my mentor, but he did reach out to me a couple of times and let me know he was there for support. During the program, I was challenged spiritually with putting all my effort into the program. I soon accepted that the more I put into the program the more I got out of it.

The program gave me several tools to make sure I was reaching my goals. I will continue to go back through my resources and continue to do the program again. Seeing the information for multiple times, I hope to gain more understanding about myself and continue to improve my body and my spiritual walk with God!"

Captain Jason Conrad

Veteran and Reserve Officer Dustin Short, Rose Hill, KS Police

Meet Army veteran and Reserve Officer from Rose Hill, Kansas, PD, Dustin Short. I am so excited to share with you his heart felt testimony and overall results upon completing his C2C Reset journey. Dustin attended C2C through our live video feed and did an amazing job. Here is Dustin's testimony...

Here is Dustin's testimony:

"Well I lost almost 20 pounds. I am down 18.6 lbs. I have went down in pant sizes and shirt sizes from 3xlt to 2xlt. I do feel more energized. I play with my son more and have started to do things around the house a lot easier and more productively. My back was a big part of my lack of activity, a lot of middle back pain and it is down a lot now. I'd say it was about a 7-8 on a 1-10 scale daily and now it is 2-3 and mainly sore at the end of the day. I am a lot more aware of what I eat and drink now. I don't drink alcohol but I was a heavy diet soda drinker.

Mentally I feel pretty sharp now. I am better to myself I think. I have become stronger in telling others what I want versus keeping it to myself. I have noticed that it has changed people's opinions of me and they are used to taking advantage of me, and that is not who I am today. So, I am fine with that and feel great. I am calmer I think. I also feel like it has made me a little more "firey" if that makes sense. I have felt Gods presence and peace more now. I struggled with committing time to read the Bible and now I found I like to read in bed and pray in bed. I also have started to pray over my family and home daily and feel a huge difference in our home.

I like the program. I think the meetings were helpful for me. I wish we had more participation from our group. I think we could have done more together. Maybe even had a few workouts together would have been fun. But I enjoyed hearing you and Blake and Cpt. each week. I had a good time learning and will continue to grow and get stronger. I am excited to see what I can do now! Thank you for providing this program to us. It has been great."

Reserve Officer, Dustin Short