C2C Reset Ambassador Certification

Just as in Matthew 4:17 where Jesus told the fishermen Peter and Andrew they will become "Fishers of Men," with the C2C Reset Ambassador Certification you will become "Trainers of men...and women!" (Physically, Mentally, Emotionally AND Spiritually)

The C2C Reset Ambassador Certification isn't just a certification...
                                                                                                          ...IT IS A MOVEMENT!

C2C Reset Faith based holistic personal training and health coaching:

Personal trainers and health coaches have the best job in the world!   No other career has such a profound influence on a person's overall life.  As a C2C Reset certified Ambassador  you will be able to take your career to the next level by learning how to implement life changing Judeo-Christian principles into your practice, even if the establishment you work for doesn't allow faith and/or religion to be discussed during your sessions with clients.  You will learn to be salt, yet bold in how you approach the subject of how faith and fitness are intertwined and how sickness is directly related to trauma, PTSD, stress and toxicity.  You won't just be an ambassador for C2C Reset, but for Jesus Christ.

As personal trainers and health coaches we are in the hope business, am I right? 

So, what does being an ambassador for Christ have to do with your health coaching career?  Great question!  You have undoubtedly already found out in your career that a person's inner healing is directly tied into their ability or willingness to adhere to the changes you have suggested in your coaching.  But it is difficult for even the most experienced personal trainer and health coach to get to the bottom or root of their client's behavior without having a counseling or psychology degree/certification.  And those of you who already tread lightly in those waters may find it increasingly difficult to apply faith based Christian principles to promote lasting change in your client's life.  Proper biomechanics and clinical nutrition represent the "HOW" of reclaiming ones health, but it does nothing to address the "WHY"!  You will become a master at helping your clients' identify and tap into their "WHY"!

Once you become a certified C2C Reset Ambassador  you will be eligible to do the following:

1.  Be able to help your own clients understand and identify the root of their behavior and give them lasting tools that will change their life from the inside out, forever.  
2.  Lead your clients' to a stronger, more powerful relationship with Christ, the foundation of health and well-being.
3.  You will become eligible to apply for a coveted paid position through our non-profit organization working with veterans, first responders and churches.  Not everyone will be selected to join our team, but if you are selected to teach our C2C Reset curriculum to our veterans and first responders, their families and in churches you will be a paid contract employee through Faith in Action inc.  
4.  You will be FREE of the things ailing you and possibly sabotaging your present and future.  You will become a wounded healer capable of offering compassion and empathy on a deeper level because of your own healing. This makes you a powerful force!


Faith based cognitive behavioral therapy techniques:

Learning how to identify and change a person's negative or limiting belief system (cognitive distortions) is imperative to a successful personal training and health coaching practice.

With C2C Reset you will first learn to do this for yourself and experience inner healing and then will learn how to facilitate this change in others.  Your true belief system isn't what you know or believe intellectually.  It is what shows up in your behavior, in your thoughts, your attitudes or emotions and your actions.  This is where a person's true belief system resides, under the surface of learned coping mechanisms.

The results you want for yourself and for your clients will go through the roof once you TAP into their body, mind, emotions and spirit and give them the cognitive tools to flourish.  The faith component is what takes the cognitive behavioral therapy techniques to a new level by giving those changed cognition's power and ownership!

You will be given the opportunity to analyze, evaluate and synthesize the C2C Reset methodologies yet will be given the freedom, critical thinking and problem solving skills to bring your own personality and style into the facilitation of client life change.


Facilitate healing in a client's soul wounds:

So, what is a soul wound?  Great question? Many of you and many of your clients have deep wounds, many going way beyond the physical. These soul wounds dramatically affect a client's ability to do the action items (program adherence) you prescribe as their personal trainer or health coach.  This is where the yo-yo syndrome comes from when people start and stop and start and stop, lose the weight, gain the weight, lose the weight, gain the weight.

Approximately 75% of obese people have been abused or have suffered some kind of trauma.  What you are seeing is the outward manifestation of inner unresolved pain, an insulation and isolation from the world and people!

The soul wound comes from the culmination of your life experiences whether inside or outside of the military up until this point; what you have seen, done, executed, smelled, tasted, heard and touched that may have gone against or was a violation to your moral and/or spiritual code.  Professional health coaching and personal training must address the soul wound.

Military life takes this to a whole new level, but PTSD is very real with all types of traumas. In essence, traumas of any kind can cause a separation between you and your emotions, God, your mind and your body, a disconnect. It can cause a vicious loop of living in the past and future, robbing you of living in the present with hope, peace, love and freedom. The present is where we take care of ourselves and where we take our health and lives back, right! 

Moving forward to heal your and your clients' soul wounds we need to reset or reconnect you with God, your spirit, emotions, mind and body (not just one or two) because they are all part of every experience you have ever gone through and all influence each other. It's time to push the reset button in all 4 areas!

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Prerequisites in becoming a certified C2C Reset Ambassador:

Before we go any further let's make sure you are eligible.  To be eligible to go through the C2C Reset Ambassador Certification course you will need the following prerequisites:

1.  1 or more national certifications in personal training and/or health coaching and/or nutrition.
2.  You can also be licensed in some healthcare field like nursing, a doctor, acupuncture, massage therapy, chiropractic, athletic training, sports coaching and physical therapy.
3.  A degree in a health related area is preferable and must be accompanied with a national certification or licensure.   Many of you do not have a degree but your certifications, experience and passion for people and ministry just might be enough.  We will ascertain this with you during the application process.
4.  You must also have a current certification in CPR/AED.
5.  Submit your credentials and we will review them on a case by case basis.


Empathy based selling and strategic listening:

Selling your services to people is really about mastering strategic listening techniques to identify a client's pain points and then offering hope and a comprehensive strategy moving forward based on your expertise.  Your initial client intake consultation must be and will become mastered.


Applying your existing knowledge to helping people overcome trauma.

Most often a person's poor health is the symptom, not the cause.  You will become a master at identifying pain and helping a person use that pain as an ally, rather than running from or hiding from that pain.  Poor health is directly related to unresolved pain, stress, anxiety or trauma physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.  Getting in the trenches with your client also means you must also be able to handle and know what to do with pain, yours and your client's and how to train people with PTSD.  In doing this you will open yourself up to a more personal relationship driven coach/client partnership.  You must be spiritually grounded and prepared to deal with clients on this much deeper level!  Many of your clients will become your clients for decades or even "for life" because of your willingness to do life with them and get in the trenches where it is messy!


The C2C Reset Ambassador Course

1.  12 weeks done online, in person through live video conferencing.  Week 1 is a 4 hour power packed seminar.  Weeks 2-12 are weekly 2 hour sessions.  We will also be providing additional video and written resources and education.
2.  Curriculum will be provided for you.
3.  Classes will consist of 4-5 people. You will have one or more accountability partners of the same sex go through the course with you.
4. Cost is $1200.00 U.S. dollars. Or...If you partner with us and commit to sponsoring a veteran at $100.00 per month for one year ($1200.00) we will take 75% off your upfront cost, making it $300.00 for your C2C Reset Ambassador certification. The $1200.00 given over the course of 1 year is 100% tax deductible and will help us save veteran lives.
5.  Your church may sponsor you.  

If you think you have what it takes to be a C2C Reset Ambassador and are willing to go deep down and dirty within yourself and others; in the trenches where real pain and healing exists, then you've come to the right place.  Your career as a health professional will forever be changed and your life forever altered.