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Veteran and First Responder Hero:

If you are reading this you are probably wanting to push the reset button on your life! There is HOPE and a strategy right here, right now! Our goal is to help you thrive, not just survive! 

C2C Reset is for veterans, active military and first responders and their families who want to reset their lives and health from the effects of PTSD and military trauma.

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Church leadership and members:  

C2C Reset is a 12 week total transformation and discipleship course that will help you become more like Jesus Christ, facilitating your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual healing and restoration, a total health RESET. As a member of the Body of Christ you have most likely experienced traumas, hurts, bumps and bruises in all 4 areas, not just one or two. Am I right?  So, we focus on resetting all 4 areas simultaneously.  The average person will lose 30-35 pounds within the course.

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C2C Reset Curriculum

Brian Wellbrock is the author of this life changing C2C Reset 12 week course and curriculum called Courage to Change (C2C). Brian teaches C2C Reset privately, corporately, through the church and other partnering organizations hosting the course. C2C Reset meets YOU exactly where you are and helps navigate you forward by facilitating a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual reset.

The C2C Reset Curriculum consists of 3 life changing books that we cover together throughout the 12 week course.  Each one is strategically designed to help facilitate a total health reset.  Thousands of people have changed their lives with this curriculum.

The course is FREE for veterans, first responders and their family members!

Cost of curriculum (3 books) is only $65.00 per person and/or each family member.  You will get your curriculum directly from Brian.  To read more about Brian Wellbrock's story click "HERE."

Courage to Change

12 Weeks to Physical and Spiritual Excellence

This book is broken into 12 weekly life changing chapters that are progressive in nature.  Each week builds on the next as we heal your soul wounds.  We go over the material together each week in our 2 hour weekly private or team meetings.

Courage to Change

Life Application Journal

The Life Application Journal is what helps facilitate personal breakthrough and the daily application of learned principles found in "Courage to Change - 12 Weeks to Physical and Spiritual Excellence."  Knowledge isn't power...The application of knowledge is power!

Courage to Change

Captain's Log Accountability Journal

The Captain's Log provides educational information on healthy living practices and a 90 day personal log book designed to promote self accountability and program adherence.  We go into even more personalized detail as we work with you individually or in our group team meetings.  You will learn the science of how your body works and how to reclaim your health.

C2C Reset Course

The 12 week C2C Reset course is 100% FREE to veterans and their family members, minus the cost of books. 

Church leadership and membership cost for entire course is $365.00 per person for the course and books.  10% of total goes to the church that is hosting the course.  We can work out a payment plan if necessary.  This gives you 27 hours of course time, 3 books we use for the curriculum, and daily support whenever necessary. Below will give you the entirety of the course and curriculum.

This is what to expect throughout the 12 weeks, the perks, the benefits, the support!

We offer both in-person and online courses.

C2C Reset - Week 1

This 3 hour power-packed life changing C2C seminar sets the foundation for the entire 12 week program. We piggy-back emotional healing with physical healing and start the process of teaching you how connected your body is with your spirit. 

Each person will have an accountability partner of the same sex and a fellow sponsor of the same sex if a veteran or first responder.

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C2C Reset - Weeks 2-12

In our team meetings each class will choose a "Team Name" and will then come together as a "Team" each week for 2 hours and cover that week's C2C material.  For non-local church teams and/or private C2C Reset coaching you have the option of in-person or streaming us in live via Skype (video conferencing).

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C2C Reset - Week 13
Awards Banquet & Celebration

Following the completion of the C2C Reset Course the C2C Reset awards banquet celebration is our way of thanking and publicly celebrating your hard work and personal breakthroughs. You will receive a C2C Reset Certificate of Completion and Excellence!  Veterans and first responders will receive a custom metal achievement flag.

We would gladly fly to any non-local organization hosting the program to publicly acknowledge each participant at the awards banquet.  

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Online support/staying connected

As part of your physical RESET, all of the exercises found in Brian's book, the "C2C Captain's Log" are found on YOUTUBE as free instructional videos which go into detail on form and proper bio-mechanics so you can train safe. Plugging into our Facebook page is also recommended for added support and camaraderie. 

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C2C Reset Phone and E-mail support

Once we begin the program you will have direct access to us and our vast experience and knowledge via e-mail and phone support during normal working hours. Though we encourage most questions to be asked during our sessions we know some questions may be private or come up unexpected. We make ourselves as available as possible.

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C2C Reset Weekly Newsletters 

C2C Reset offers continued support and health education by video devotionals with spiritual lessons with application, exercises and exercise tips, nutritional information, healthy recipes and success stories.  So become a member of our C2C Reset email newsletters.

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We are honored to be connected with you.  You are just a phone call away.  We are so excited to meet you.  Please call Brian at the following number or click the button below to contact us:


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