C2C Reset in churches

C2C Reset is a 12 week health, healing and discipleship course for church leadership, members and their families who want to become more like Jesus Christ and reset their lives and health from the effects of life's hardships and trauma. 

Through Christ we restore the broken hearted and set the captives free by teaching and equipping the Body of Christ to:

1. Trust in Jesus's perfect love for us in all things.
2. Live to honor God with our body, our mind, our emotions, our actions, our spirit and to love others as themselves.
3. Put our faith into action with a lifelong commitment to spiritual growth, healing and good health practices.

C2C Reset teaches Discipleship

Discipleship begins with Christ's inner and outer healing and personal freedom physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. We use the beautiful marriage of the following teaching methodologies:
1.  Holistic professional health coaching,
2.  Biblical Life coaching and personal training
3.  Biblical CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) techniques,
4.  Biblical prayer and discipleship training

Discipleship is about overcoming, conquering and then sharing the good news! The enemy uses traumas and the hardships of life to discourage believers. Through proper training a Disciple of Christ will learn that these same traumas and life hardships are what God uses to mold us, refine us and give us a "Christ love perspective" to pain, loss and grief, thus healing the soul wounds present in many believers. We RESET a person's soul wounds with a holistic faith based approach that re-introduces them to Christ's love, power and authority, their true authentic selves and teaches them powerful tools for self advocacy.

Who will be teaching the C2C Reset curriculum?
Your instructor will be a certified C2C Reset Ambassador/Instructor. All of our instructors are spirit led highly trained proficient holistic health coaches, personal trainers and discipleship teachers. 

Do you have a spirit led health professional with a heart for ministry who belongs to your church? 
1.  Let us train, equip and certify this person as a C2C Reset Ambassador/Instructor and bring this discipleship course and personal training to your church.   12 week certification course is $1200.00.
2.  If you don't have a prospect then we will provide one for you.
3.  Limited scholarships are available.  We are an independent 501c3 non-profit charity organization and take the financial burden off of your church as much as we can.

"We are reminded in Acts 16:4 that “as Paul and Silas traveled from town to town, they delivered the decisions reached by the Apostles and elders in Jerusalem for the people to obey. So the churches were strengthened in the Faith and grew daily in numbers.” The Lord will use this ministry to fill your seats on Sunday. Putting your Faith in Action with discipleship training creates loyalty to a church home and provides a Spiritual covering for our families. I hear a cry for action from around the world. And this action driven by Christ begins in each and every Christ follower on earth. To change the world we must first change ourselves."  --Brian Wellbrock

 Churches we have taught in...

Grace Community Church, Clear Lake, Texas
Grace Community Church, The Woodlands, TX
1st Presbyterian Church, Conroe, TX
Lake Church, Montgomery, TX
Impact Church, Woodland Park, CO
Sunnyside Christian Church, Colorado Springs, CO
Rock Family Church, Colorado Springs, CO
Calvary Baptist Church, Colorado Springs, CO
United Methodist Church,  Conway Springs, KS
Word of Life Church Counseling Center, Wichita, KS

Angie changed her life

Angie has lost over 60 pounds

"My name is Angie Porter and I just finished taking the C2C Reset Total Transformation course. The amount of which I have learned about myself is immeasurable and has changed my outlook on life. This course has given me the confidence I have been lacking my entire life! I now have the courage to speak up and not just take what I am given. I have the mind set that I am worthy and I feel it and believe it. I have lost 34 pounds within the 12 week course and I'm still going. I have learned in the past 12 weeks that with the Courage to Change... ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE!

I've grown in confidence! I've grown in emotional maturity! I've grown spiritually and I'm growing with the management of my weight and health. I have found and removed my personal sabotages and fears that have stopped me from accomplishing my goals in my life. I truly feel this course has opened many doors for me which were blocked because of my own fears of failure and PTSD. I no longer set myself up for failure, i set myself up for success and have stopped repeating the same patterns out of fear of failing. Those old beliefs have been removed from my present and future; thus giving birth to my own self worth, self love, and self accountability! I AM FREE!

This course will help you get rid of things that you're carrying around, old and other people's baggage so you can throw out the junk. You have a clean slate, a RESET, and you know that you are worth the effort. With this course I have been able to move forward over obstacles like my bad self-image and realize that is not my truth. I will continue my journey with these tools that I have learned in this course. Thank you Brian, for having believed in me. I feel amazing! I look amazing! I am amazing! My relationship with our Lord and Savior has bloomed into such a love affair. I had never known how much He loved me until now. Now I truly understand the love the Lord has for us all. Thank you!" -Angie